February Birthstone

Hello 1st of the month. Hello February’s Birthstone: Amethyst. Ok so I’m late… again, I know it’s the 5th, but I’m determined not to let my new years resolution go. It’s better to come late to the party than not at all…. right?

Every month has it’s own unique birthstone. Said to reflect the characteristics of the birthday girl / birthday boy, like a star sign. The birthstone for February is ‘AMETHYST’ a beautiful purple or violet quartz colour. They can range from deep violet shades to pale lilacs.


The word ‘amethyst’ is derived from from the word amethystos, a Greek word meaning “sober” or “to not intoxicate.” Amethysts are believed to give the recipient a clear head (sober) and give clarity on a situation. Soothing a stressed mind. They represent creativity and are said to inspire or awaken. An Amethyst birthstone card can be given as a amethyst birthday gift for birthdays that fall throughout the whole month of February.


A symbol of strong friendship – Give an amethyst birthday card to strengthen that friendship, manifest energy, peace and love to the wearer. In the home amethysts are used to create positive energy flow so whilst your card is up, let it channel positivity for the birthday girl.


We personalise amethyst birthstone cards with a special message to the February birthday girl or birthday boy. To give a card that’s not just a throw away item. A card that has meaning. Personalise your gorgeous personalised amethyst birthday cards at The Luxe Co here



The birthstone for August is Peridot




If you’re taking mum on a surprise jaunt for afternoon tea at The Dorchester or The Langham or some other fancy pants tea room. You’ll just have to announce it in our personalised afternoon tea cards. How charming!


Imagine her delight when she opens her gift box on Mother’s Day to reveal a rather stylish tea cup embellished with pretty floral corsage and an opening teabag message. Detailing your plans. You sneaky little so and so.




Last chance to order for Mother’s Day here

Not quite your cup of tea (ba-doom!) see our other gorgeous creations for Mum


Outrageous handmade card for birthday with moon charged cystal for positive vibes holographic foil rainbow

Getting asked if you do anything more sparkly. More show offy. More blingy. Erm hello!

You a’int seen nothing like me yet…. Up your birthday girls positive vibes and frequency with a our outrageously gorgeous (and clever) moon charged crystal birthday celebration wishes card. Holographic rainbow hot foil. Heavy heart Swarovski crystals charged in the moonlight. Positive energy and high frequency vibing. Like we said, you a’int seen nothing like me yet.

All that is good in this world is yours to give.

£45 – Order your positive vibes birthday card on a full moon here 



First it was cactus’, now it’s pineapples. Have you got a bit of a thing for Pineapples too? And black interiors. And gold!

We only have 2 of these gorgeous Pineapple Lamps left and we wont be getting any more in. £99.95 to you Order black and gold pineapple lamp online here



Today our Daughter . Tomorrow a Bride . Forever our Little Girl .

Parents of blushing brides wanting to give their Daughters a special keepsake card on their wedding day. We got you. Blush bling fluffy feathery keepsake goodness. It could be seen as over the top. Blingy. Some might say extravagant. Yes that. But the way we see it: you have one life, and one chance (assuming she’s only planning on getting married once) to say how you feel. Make it count. Let your baby girl know that even though you’re letting her go. you totally got her.

Your personalised wording gold foiled in metallic hot foils onto blush pearl boards. These custom made individually foiled cards are one off’s. Correct us if we’re wrong but we’re pretty sure we’re the only one’s in the UK doing this level of personalisation on one off items in hot foils. The ultimate personalised cards for your most specials.

£35 – Order your Blush Bling Wedding Cards online


Mother’s Day 2019 department goes live on Not On The Highstreet. Hooray! And there’s a varied selection of cards and personalised gifts for Mum, from lot’s of small creative businesses like ourselves, that the notonthehighstreet team choose and curate in one place.

Screen Shot 2019-02-28 at 09.56.27

More than cards – these uber thoughtful hand made (best selling) . exciting . new concept in card giving. (all of the above) scented luxury gift boxed flower bouquet cards collection are available to buy on there too. Yeyyyy. But sadly, you’ll have to dig through 1200 other cards on there before you’ll ever even see them. This is heart wrenching for us because we put our hearts and souls, and everything we humanly have for that matter (most days happiness, some days tears) into creating wonderful thoughtful cards. We want to get our unusual and beautiful things out to as many people as we can. We want them to be able to at least see them. And we love being busy for customers on our own small website. It’s just a massive shame for the notonthehighstreet customers, who will just never even get to see them. Everybody who see’s these cards from our own website sales and the marketing we do, journalists, and people who have received one – absolutely love them, and feel compelled to email us. They then come back for the new designs, which is the truest form of flattery and appreciation. The feedback we get is bloody awesome. Thank you to our gorgeous customers who want something unique and next level for their super specials! We’ve made these cards for so many VIP Mums, celeb mums + most importantly your mums! We’ve even made cards for Prince Charles’ Mum – The Queen. The flippin Queen. It’s just sadly nobody is going to trawl through that many cards on notonthehighstreet, to ever see these beauty’s. So, not one’s to give up and cry about this travesty – we’ve added a few helpful links to help you find our unique, wonderfully different and thoughtful gift cards on notonthehigshtreet’s website.

Screen Shot 2019-02-28 at 10.08.27

If you like the card above visit this page to view and order the Mothers Day blush pink scented rose gift boxed luxury card £34.95 here

Screen Shot 2019-02-28 at 10.14.03

And if hot pinks more your thing you can visit here to shop the super cheery hot pink velvet scented rose Gift boxed luxury mothers day cards here (there’s free delivery on them at the moment too).

Date for your diary: Mothering Sunday – Sunday 31st 2019.

Shiny Newness this week

What with our new look, we’re able to add all of the things that didn’t previously fit with the websites style, but now we’ve been Gok Wanned we’re adding all the pretty.

Things that we’ve been selling on notonthehighstreet.com now have a proud place on our website too.

Here’s what’s new this week:

Find me under the palms… Personalised ‘Your favourite place’ gold foil prints from 9.95 3 sizes (a5, a4, a3 unframed or we can frame). view more here (or copy product code 771268 in search box at noths here)

I love her & that is the beginning & the end of everything. – F. Scott. Fitzgerald -Personalised ‘Your favourite quote’ gold foil art deco maximalist prints from 9.95 3 sizes (a5, a4, a3 unframed or we can frame). view more here (or copy product code 771213 in search box at noths here)

Very busy for February + March birthdays our Dainty sterling silver + zirconia stars Zodiac Jewellery. Hot foiled with handdrawn zodiac silver stars for each star sign. TIP: Birthdays for this month fall under Aquarius + Pisces depending on the date of birth. Gift boxed £29 free personalisation. view star sign necklace here  (or copy product code 852313 in search box at noths here)

Too much shiny cutey goodness. That’s gifting sorted this week.

A New Look

Screen Shot 2019-02-17 at 09.55.33

We’ve been designing since 2005. Through recessions, uncertainty and now bloody Brexit. Some people say it was the worst time to set up a business. But we said otherwise. I’ll tell you some day if we were right.

Every step of the journey to get to this point has involved being flexible and open to change. Adapting to the economic climate or personal events. Being responsive and fast. And change is what this post is all about.

New website look for Made With Love

It’s fair to say a lot’s changed since I started this little business from my mum’s dining room table in 2005. I just wanted to make beautiful things. I had an inventors brain. Creatively sparking most of the time. In truth, I set it up because I knew that I needed to work very differently to most people. I’d dealt with depression for my young life and needed something that would work around me. Let me work the hours of the day that I set. I couldn’t see a future of working successfully for someone else. I’d lost or walked out of meaningless jobs during Uni. And knew I wouldn’t be able to keep up the consistency of day to day rat race. Depression doesn’t work like that. But then neither does money.

Made With Love Designs since 2005 new logo for their rebrand

So the move from the dining room table to my bedroom was a quick one as the business started getting orders and needed space. I moved from my bedroom to my very own home office (spare bedroom). From this spare bedroom, I took on staff. Which has complications when doing it from home. Simon, was working a regular temp job whilst working on Made With Love Designs at 5am-7am and 7pm-11pm. Whilst I worked on it 9-5. I was a 9-5er and he was a 5-9er (and the rest). We could see the potential. We were selling a lot. And making a lot of product. And somehow never having any money left over. We had our first baby girl (who is 10 now) and after outgrowing the home office and the whole house. Creative stuff has a habit of taking over like that. We became partners selling on notonthehighstreet.com and grew with them at the peak of their boom. I made the giant leap to find business premises. At the time this was the scariest committal thing I’ve ever done. A bit like having a ‘proper job’ with so much more responsibility. But also the best thing. And ‘we’ decided that Simon should quit his job (or our security, a regular definite income) and join the business full time. Which even now, after 14 years, means that some months cash flow is tight. Most people don’t know that this is our households full time job. It’s supported us for most of our life together. Can you imagine setting up something like that. You’ll work your socks off for it and you’ll never stop working or thinking about it. But your whole household income depending on a creative business? Dreams, plans, holidays, house buying all dangling by your creative thread. There’s a lot of pressure involved in running this kind of business as a two-some. But also a whole lot of love and freedom and satisfaction knowing that you followed your dream. And you’ll look back and see how you had it all. You just never realised it. You’re always looking ahead.

We’ve had 3 proper offices in total. Moving on from each once we’d outgrown it or needed different. We’ve had 7 members of staff. We’ve had 2 babies. And I’ve had countless bouts of black dog. All the while Made With Love chugs on. It never gives up.

We’ve always been called ‘Made With Love Designs’ which has long been wanted to be changed and re-branded. Time and time again. As we’ve changed as a business the name lingers on. You have to remember I was 21 when I set this up and the internet was like new. No other Made With Love’s existed. Since then everybody wants a piece of the pie. We’ve set up other businesses, with awesome branding, along the way. Some which have become their own thing. But always always it’s Made With Love Designs. Our customers are truly the most wonderful people who come back time and time again again. Some have been with us from the start. We’ve made things for Royalty. The Queen has had one of our cards. Celebrity. Heads of State. And you + me. And the figures speak for themselves.

So why do I hardly ever talk about this business to people. When I tell people what I do, it rarely involves talking about this. Despite ‘this thing’ being what we spend most of our time on and what pays for our life. And despite being immensely proud of it. I am you know. I do know how great it is. I’m still always embarrassed about it. I feel that it doesn’t reflect me and us and have always set up other businesses to almost compensate for what I feel this one lacks. You’ll notice we hardly ever put our faces to it. And that’s not fair.

The products. Well they keep coming naturally. The ingenious ideas and thoughtful gift products. They still flow. They have to, and thankfully they do, that’s what the people buy. But I’ve neglected the business structure itself, the brand, the thing. It reminds me of my past. A past that I’m always trying my hardest to run away from.

But ‘this thing’ is what’s kept us and we built ‘this thing’ together. Being creative saved me. Maybe it kept me alive. But I never gave ‘this thing’ a second thought. It’s been a very selfish relationship. We mainly take.

So, we’ve come full circle with our business. And this time I’m looking after you dear little business. You’ll be seeing a lot more of ‘me’ (Clare) and ‘us’ (Simon) and ‘behind the scenes’ (what we do – there’s incredible goings on and makings) around here whilst we re-brand the business and give it it’s more up to date look. We’ll still be designing the same brilliant products, in our beautiful studio in the Saddleworth hills (pretty pictures ahoy), with our wonderful creative team (selfie’s ahoy). That stays the same. So does our name. We’ve come to realise that we can’t really change that. The name: our domain name gets a lot of traffic that we don’t want to re-direct and loose any of our search flow. This sleeker look though, allows us to list the products that are super awesome but just didn’t fit with the old look and we would try to find other places to put them. From now on, they’ll be sticking around. And we’ll be wearing pinnies branded with our cool new look. And packing in sleek packaging. We’ll be shouting from the rooftops where we came from and who we are. With our tabards on!

These ideas. All of them, they are us. This is me. And this is us. When all said and done this is my life’s work. And we built ‘this thing’ together. Our things are Made – (artisan made products, made by our hands, human amazing hands, that tell their own story) With Love (More than love. A life force. Everything that we have to give). For you and the most special occasions for the the most important people in your life. We are Made. With. Love.



Thanks for reading. Please tell us what you think? Do you like our new look? Feed back to us – we really love that….

Screen Shot 2019-02-17 at 09.55.33


Whilst you’re rushing around doing your Christmas shopping don’t forget those with December birthday’s.

Gorgeously handmade December Birthday Cards frosted with real Swarovski Crystal hearts in December Birthstone: Blue Zircon / Blue Topaz. A little sparkly treasure for the December baby to treasure.



3 sizes. All gift boxed. All personalised. From £13.50-£29.95. Pretty pretty. All handmade made to order by your personal designer from our cute little studio in the hills of Saddleworth. Order online here

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