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Image via Design Crush
A few weeks ago, whilst catching up with one of my favourite blogs, Coulson Macleod’s Not For Squares, I was made aware of something I had never heard of before – Alexa Page Rankings
You can put any web address into their search function and it runs stats on that particular websites online presence to assess their traffic ranking. This is very cool if you run your own business & want to monitor your progress in terms of your online presence.
Today ranks 96,012 in the UK. That’s pretty amazing – I’m shocked / over joyed / made up. In the world we rank 1,621,550. A pretty good rank (i’m told by my computer nerd friend) for a small business with the billions of websites out there.
Thank you world for all of your amazing support.

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Did you see us in Decembers issue of ‘Perfect Wedding’ magazine?
Our ‘Purity’ collection wedding invitations have been featured. It’s so exciting to see our designs in print & is something I don’t think we will ever tire of. It’s sooo exciting. We’d like to say a big thank you to Katie & everyone at the magazine for featuring us. If you’ve found us through their mag, we’d like to say a massively huge thank you with a cherry on the top for visiting us.

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If only to have one of these…& not because they are utterly cool, & would make my working life so much easier & would look swish in my gorgeous new studio… & beacuse I deserve one (I have been good all year). What I would give just to have one of these Twelve South Mac Book Protectors that I found via Designers Block

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I adore colour. I once lived without colour in my life for a long long time without realising. When I got better, I realised just how much colour was out there just waiting to be absorbed by the soul. I appreciate colour & I never take you for granted. What do you think of these colourful stairs in the town of Wuppertal, Germany? I would love to visit them. Has anyone ever been there?

(via Elle Decoration South Africa) found on

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The all new personalised Valentine’s Collection has officially arrived. Order your Valentine’s card today and we will print your special message on the front.

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Turquoise is always a popular choice with couples as the accent colour for their wedding day. It is visually so striking & it works perfectly for weddings abroad and at home. It is perfectly versatile & compliments all seasons. Turquoise is tipped to be the hottest trend around for 2010 weddings.

We’re very fussy when it comes to the colours of our ribbons & it was especially difficult finding the right shade for the turquoise ribbon we use in our design work. It had to be just right. Why is turquoise so hard to get right…? It took many re-dyes of ribbon and much searching of suppliers both here in the UK and overseas until we found ‘the one’! And like so many of our wedding stationery clients say you just know when you find the wedding invitation that’s ‘the one’.

We have recently finished working on Punita & Spencer’s Wedding Invitations in turquoise from the ‘Purity’ Collection using our stunning new turquoise ribbon (below)& this stunning colour combination of turquoise & chocolate brown for Jenny & Paul’s wedding in June 2010 from the ‘Mayfair’ Collection
And have added more turquoise wedding invitation photographs to our website. The popular
colour themes page is perfect for Brides who have chosen the colour theme for their big day but cannot decide on which wedding invitations to choose. The colour themes pages have been created to inspire you with wedding stationery photos of our most recent designs in your chosen colour scheme. Below is a selection of inspiring turquoise colour ideas (of course if we don’t show exactly what your looking for in the turquoise colour, do get in touch as we have 100’s of images just waiting to be added)

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Love is in the air…

We’re just putting the finishing touches to the last few Valentine’s card ranges on the site and it’s got me feeling all loved up. I’m totally in love with hearts, bows, and things, so thought I’d post a few of my favourite things for valentine’s gift ideas.

These beautiful heart pictures by Brigitte Herrod at Rocket St George £175Alice In Wonderland necklace by LunarraStar at Etsy $32.50 which is about £19!

Heart shaped frying pan to cook heart shaped eggs Cancer Research UK £5

Red lips Telephone by i love retro £23.95
Vivienne Westwood Melissa Shoes from Hervia £78 (I’m dreaming of the blue & red ones…)
More heart shaped lovelies coming soon!

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