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Flower Pot Holes

I’ve been driving more than usual this week and there are definitely more holes on the roads these days. So fill them with flowers!


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We’re so excited to bring in (some) of our new weddng ribbon colours for 2010. And this isn’t even the half of it… we have so many more just waiting to arrive in. The new colours will be fully integrated into our wedding stationery collections, greetings cards as well as the new events stationery collection (arriving in August 2010).

Each week we’re going to put one of our new colours ‘in the spotlight’. In the spotlight next week is our ‘Lemon Grass’ ribbon – just in last week and we’ve already received a wedding order in using this stunning colour combi. Hope your loving the new colours as much as we are!
Remember, if you love our ribbon colours, we are now able toprovide large withs which are suitable for your wedding chair backs if your planning to DIY these. Get in touch for a no obligation quote.

Images to follow…

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Kiddy Furniture

Just had to blog about this amazing find. Australian furniture designers, Little Nest who design children’s furniture in modern iconic styles of the 20th century.Beautiful mini versions for kids on the furniture design classics to compliment the modern home.

Recognise this… The Egg Chair Too cute! There isn’t a store yet in the UK but I’ll be there with bells on as soon as one opens up.

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Check out these pretty spring fresh colours for your Spring 2011 wedding. Stationery from the Ooh La La Collection

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We’ve been featured again this month. In the current issue of Wedding Venues & Services Magazine. This time it’s favours from the very glitzy Mayfair Collection in a retro Polka dot red (top left). A big thank you to Amanda for the feature & also for letting us know. A while back, Amanda (Deputy Editor) had given me feedback on the quality of my images (they were too dark for print with inadequate lighting). Me, not being from an editorial/photographic background, had absolutely no idea that this was the case. So thank you Amanda for your insight and for taking the time to reply. Constructive criticism is so helpful for a small business. Those extra pair of eye’s see things that are blindingly obvious, but yet invisible to me.

My mum always instilled that it was not shameful to ask for help, which as a stubborn little girl was something I struggled to do and still do to some extent. I’m a perfectionist & hate doing things wrong. I always strive to better myself but it’s not always possible to improve your technique when you only see the one way of doing things. Don’t be afraid to ask. Ask and ye shall receive. And it’s what you do with that knowledge that is key.

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We’re working on Father’s Day card range and have been searching for Mini Cooper images for one on our designs. I nearly fell off my seat when I saw these wraps designed by Cool Hunter for Mini Cooper. a. because I love the mini & b. because I adore colour. I’ve not seen one of these styled cards driving about but it would definitely put a smile on my face. Brightening up Britain’s roads. Cool or what…?and what about these… The Mini goes neon. One word – WOW!

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I know it’s only just Mother’s Day, but Easter is on the 4th April this year, and so only a few weeks away. This is the first year where we have branched out into Easter cards. We’re not entirely sure if there is a huge demand for cards at Easter but it seemed like a natural progression for us. Would you send a special card at Easter…?

Plus, how could we resist using these cute fluffy chickens in the ‘Tweet Tweet’ Collection & teeny weeny hand made nest eggs in our ‘Chicken Licken’ design…. I mean come on…. how cute!

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