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If you have yet to be exposed to the phenomenon that is honey badger, watch the video here. Makes me giggle every time.

These cute honey badger  mugs via Door Sixteen make me smile.

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Temporary Tattoos

Came across these ace temporary tattoos by Tatly via Design Sponge

I love colour so was drawn to this one

I also love this one

What about this one

Take a look at their other designs here. Very cool and they ship to the UK too.

This is my one and only real tattoo. My Lilly flowers name in a dot to dot which I drew to represent her little life already being mapped out in the stars (destiny & fate / nature v’s nurture) – (with 19 stars for hers & mine birthday). I like that people don’t know quite what it is when they see it (it looks a bit like a scribble) but that it’s special to me.

Tattoo’s seem so final and are permanent so it was important to me to get something with meaning that would be with me forever. I’m not the kind of person who would go for a chinese symbol or pattern but would definitely opt for one of Tatly’s quirky temporary designs. Oooh which one?

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Mornin’ all


Via This Is Glamorous

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