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This little bundle arrived in the post last week.

It’s been a busy few weeks at Made With Love as we have become a Limited Company. Ooooh Ahhhhh!

So no longer am I (Clare) Self Employed but Clare the “Design/Operations Director” which makes me sound extremely flash and that I like. In my mind I’ll have a name plate on my desk saying ‘The Boss’, I’ll roll in at maybe 11am and force staff to bring me cake & coffee’s all day. Probably sit in a few important meetings. Naturally I’ll earn a wadge of cash & drive a flash company car as well (Ideally an Audi R8 or something like that).

In reality, I’ll work harder than I’ve ever worked before, self motivate and push myself harder to make a success, I’ll take a modest salary so that we can grow the business to it’s maximum but at a steady pace, still chug around in my Audi A3 but never the less continue to live my happy life with my little family.

But what going Limited basically means for us is that we will now be in a position to grow the business and take on more orders. We have a PAYE system in place to take on staff and really take things to the next level over the following year. We have so many plans in place 2011/2012 is going to the the year when we can make things happen.

Joining the team full time as ‘Marketing/Sales Director’ is Simon Alker – My boyfriend/Lilly’s Daddy. Who is looking after the marketing aspects of the business. If you have seen Made With Love in a National Magazine, local newspaper or Bridal Mag, chances are it was Simon who worked on this. A little welcome blog post on Simon to follow.

So whilst things have changed dramatically this year, we are very excited for the plans we have in place for this once was little business. Change is inevitable, change is scary but most of all change is goooooood. Bring it on!!


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Yesterday was the 10th anniversary of 9/11.

I still can’t watch those images without feeling intense sadness. This picture via Cool Hunter made us feel happy.

The sun rising in the background of the World Trade Centre Memorial.

God bless all of those who lost loved ones that day. The loss of life and the scope of what happened that day is beyond words. You will never be forgotten.

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Last week we posted about rainbow invitations but today I die. My obsession of saving colourful clippings finally becomes useful. I hope that this week we can inspire Bride/Grooms planning a colourful rainbow wedding and show how colour can be used when planning a wedding.  I’ve found a fair bit of wedding related colour on the web but find that when doing ‘colour’, when it comes to weddings it can be quite tacky. I’ve chosen only to use the coolest and most tasteful rainbow wedding images for each of our rainbow mood boards.

Rainbow Cupcake wedding cake via Little Venice Cake Company; Rainbow lighting via belleamour (where you can find more rainbow inspiration on their blog here; Rainbow wedding dress via offbeatbride; Our Guest books via Made With Love; A rainbow balloon release image via tumblr; Rainbow Bridesmaid dresses image via Curiously Colourful; Rainbow flowers to form centre pieces for wedding tables via you are my fave; Our Save the date cards via Made With Love

Happy Friday Lovely Readers! xxx

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