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Ok so we’re late in launching Mother’s Day this year but we promise the collection is super pretty and is WELL worth the wait! Coming soon for Mother’s Day 2012 our gorgeous necklace gift cards with genuine Swarovski crystal necklaces. If you can hold out until 29th February (Mother’s Day cards launch date), you can grab one of these limited edition cards for mummy dearest this Mother’s Day…


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The other day I told you about Hey Little Cupcake. We visited the Hey Little Cupcake cakery a couple of weeks back with our little girl as a special treat because we were going on holiday and Lilly was staying with her Grandma for 10 whole days.

And a treat it was. Lilly had the La Paris cupcake, Simon had the The Moroccan Spice; I had the Manchester’s Mint Whoopie Pie. And they were all delicious.

The decor is cool – pretty and fresh. The staff are friendly happy people. The cupcakery also features art work from local artists, crafters & creatives.

For the yummiest cupcakes and sweet treats. They offer afternoon tea too, cute cupcake gifts, DIY kits, & private parties. I forgot to mention, they also run classes in the evenings including cake decorating & baking classes.

All in all it’s a very sweet place to stop by. Owner Sarah popped out from the kitchens to say hello and Lilly announced ‘that lady is VERY good at making cakes’ a 3 year olds’ (and very satisfied customers’) cute observation.

For a lovely afternoon treat visit their website here or stop by their cupcakery at Little Quay Street, Spinningfields, Manchester M3 3HF we think you’re really going to love this place.

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I read over at Mixed Plate blog about this. A few years ago Sony ran a TV ad to advertise the Sony Bravia TV were thousands of colourful bouncy balls bounced around the streets. remember it? It made me stop what I was doing over breakfast.

I really didn’t know that they really actually did this. I always think ads like this always involve CGI. But Danish photographer Peter Funch photographed the balls in action at the shoot and his limited edition prints went on sale at Lumas.

Here are his pictures:

pretty isn’t it

I’d never seen the full advert before. Here it is. Beautiful


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Anything in minature teeny form makes us go a bit gooey. If there’s white with splashes of  pink involved, even better. Throw cutesy packaging, indulgent edible cupcake treats, and fresh coffee into the mix and we’re ga ga.

Introducing Hey Little Cupcake. Manchester cupcakery, at Spinningfields.

I’ve followed the journey of Sarah’s (founder & owner) was once kitchen table business (like how we started) to the perfectly formed Manchester brand that it is today. And we love her business.

Plus this girl’s a savvy marketeer (Picture above: Sarah) and for that we have utmost respect. It’s hard not to have noticed this hot little business in the news if you’re from around Manchester.

We were next door to Hey Little Cupcake at the Spinningfields Christmas Pop Up Village in December and met Sarah and the team there. She loved us, we loved her, we gave in to treat temptation daily, Simon sang on camera and the rest is history.

Hey Little Cupcake now stock Made With Love’s paper pretties in their cupcakery and my, don’t they sit well.

Picture: Simon with Lilly and our Valentine’s cards  in the Hey Little Cupcake shop during February.

We visited Sarah’s cupcakery for the first time in January with our little girl. We’re all over this place and have been back lots since! It’s our little girls most favourite haunt. We’ll post about our visit in the next couple of days.

Like the Hey Little Cupcake facebook page for daily info, news, sometimes freebies & specials

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We’ve been having our website re-designed by actual web professionals. The current website was designed by myself (not a web designer, actually with no html or web knowledge, no money to get it done professionally, but armed with Dreamweaver software & a ‘Dreamweaver for Dummies’ book) back in 2005 (ish). As the years have passed, we’ve added more & more content, constantly, and more & more pages, until about a year ago, when we saw that the website had over 300 pages, we looked at it and said ‘oh my god, this website is a mess – we need to get the pro’s in!’

The new website is having the finishing touches made and we’re meeting with the web chaps soon for one last final meeting. The website will then be handed over to us in the next week or so for us to add the images and text. It looks clean, it’s definitely easier to navigate and will hopefully be easier for customers to use too. It has some cool features too.

Here’s a screen shot of the home page on the new site.

We’re very excited to launch it in the next couple of weeks.

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We’re back! We recently went to Thailand and have just returned from an amazing time, spent with dear dear friends.

I can’t really begin to describe this magical place. So I won’t try just yet.

A picture after camping on Maya Bay (Phi Phi Islands), an uninhabited secluded island off the west coast of Thailand. (me & Simon are 4 & 5 in from the right).

We docked our boats, watched the sunset, sat round a fire and sang songs & ate good food, saw plankton light up the sea and slept on the softest white sand, under a blanket of stars. Oh and the moon! I forgot just how bright the moon was and how much it illuminated the beach that night. It was one of the highlights of our lives for sure.

Lucky lucky people. Here’s to friends.

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