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The best thing about being the boss is the freedom it gives you. You have the flexibility to work your own hours: though we often work longer than the standard 36hr week, time can be made up in the evenings and early mornings, meaning that you don’t have to cancel for a last minute friend visiting or feel guilty about taking time out of the office if your little one is unwell.

We can choose who we work with / offer our services to. We are a really nice bunch. And generally our clients are really fantastic to work with. We feel lucky to work with them on such a personal event in their lives and they love working with us. But make no mistake, we do not work with rude customers, after all, manners cost nothing. And this flexibility that we are afforded, means that whilst clients browse the market and can choose to work with us and have our stationery for their wedding day, we also choose who we work with and who can have our lovely wares. We are not forced to grit our teeth, grin and bear it, be polite, the customer is ALWAYS right. Good customers get good customer service and that’s how we roll.

But mostly, and by far the best thing for me about being the boss is the flexibility to be able to work ‘work’ around your family and bring  Lilly into the office if I’m required to be there urgently on days off. In our office we have a little area set out for Lilly where she can play, colour & read whilst we work. Lilly loves her ‘office days’ and when I have a day off with her at home, she grumbles if we’re not making a trip to the office to see Daddy & Katie. Now don’t get me wrong, I do not advocate bringing children into the office as a permanent solution, but being your own boss is a lifestyle choice which affords flexibilities and luxury’s that are out of bounds for most 9-5 er’s in our British work culture.

This luxury comes with a price tag. That’s normally some new felt tips, crafty bits or book. This week it was a new colouring book

This amazing colouring book is called the colour-play colouring book by Moma and is an oversized colouring book which explores colour palates and mixing. Lilly loves!


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Would love to be jetting off to the New Saguaro Hotel, Plam Springs this summer.

Taking color cues from the indigenous flowers of the desert region, the new Saguaro Hotel. Opening in Palm Springs in February. My kinda place!

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National Wedding Show

We had fun this weekend at the National Wedding Show in Birmingham. At Birmingham train station

Where we joined the Confeti mag girls on their stand, along with accessory designer Olivier Laudus.

above: Simon & Clare (Made With Love)

It was a busy show, the Saturday was really busy and we’re absolutely pooped after staying over the weekend & travelling back Sunday evening, returning into the office on Monday morning.

We met with Wedding Ideas magazine girls and caught up with lovely Alex, founder of For Your Eyes Only (FYEO) who we’ve not seen for ageeeees. Opposite our stand was Nabeel’s Camera & Rachel Simpson shoes.

We have been flat out in the studio today  designing samples for Brides who we spoke to at the show and arranging ribbon swatches to go out in tomorrow’s post. A great weekend but now we must SLEEP!

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Ok, so obviously I have a love affair with Pantone products. I saw these adorable pastry tarts by Emilie Griottes on Debs’ brilliant Belle Amour blog via Plenty of Colour. My eyes practically popped out of my head at the detail.

Don’t you just love these.

wouldn’t you just love to eat these?

Thanks to our blog friends for sharing these. Yummy delights

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