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What a weekend. A roller coaster of emotions, a whopping experience, amazing highs and that tiny weeny low of losing huhum [said under a cough] £1million pounds.

Yes that’s right on Saturday 23rd June 2012, at about 10pm it was lights, camera, action as we went live across millions of tv screens and Made With Love’s Si & Clare where contestants on Channel 4’s The Million Pound Drop Live on Saturday night with extremely gorgeous Davina.

I can tell you from personal experience it was one hell of a scary experience certainly not for the faint hearted. We weren’t mentally prepared for the aftermath of appearing on a prime time TV show either which is something to be said for future contestants to bare in mind.

After 2 shows on no wins, we were sat in the studio next in line to be called up as the next contestants to appear on the show, being powdered, quaffed and tucked in by wardrobe and make up (the best in the business). Nerves were high as all previous contestants from the previous nights show had not won, we had seen loss after loss of the contestants who became friends during the intense isolated last few days and tension was high. Despite what viewers think they do want winners on the show and throughout the weekend we received prep talks from exec Producer Tom on how to beat the drop etc. So the pressure was on.

The previous contestants dropped their final wads & Davina announced the next contestants. Myself & Si were already stood waiting nervously, clutching hands & shitting our pants behind the pull up door. The doors opened and the lights wooshed in our eyes, and there we were heading up the stairs to the music & audience cheers. My (Clare’s) mike pack fell out of my trousers on the way up the stairs and Davina graciously went to get it and proceed to get me dressed on national tv. Argh not a smooth start…but on the plus side Davina touched my boob!! Not many people can say that!

(as a side comment, I really feel that I need to point out how absolutely lovely & down to earth Davina is. After the mike episode she rushed in front of my face and blocked out everything else around us to reassure me that everything was ok and not to worry. She’s one of those who looks stunning in real life too. We think we love her)

So was this actually happening… yes it bloody was and panning out live to everyone at home’s TV screen. Myself & Si clung onto each other as we started the game. There was a lot of gurning (by myself) and odd facial expressions throughout (by myself) yes on live TV. But we were off.

If you missed the programme here’s the bit where we try to win some dosh:

Watch Clare & Si as contestants on The Million Pound Drop (fast forward to 38.20 on the clip and watch the adverts boooo)

Lot’s of discussions (which you’re told to talk through every decision, I’m not normally that bloody indecisive). We bunked out on Q4 on a Question we just didn’t know in the allocated time we had. We ruled out one (which you have to do) but it was the correct answer so that was that. We had some early tricky questions to be fair, not the usual straight cut easy ‘who is married to JZ’ type questions so we’re pleased that we didn’t come across as thick and get slated on Twitter/Facebook, as almost all other contestants do (even though may I point out on the whole most of them are NOT thick in real life). But cest la vie it’s all a pantomime.

An advert break costume check:

Since coming home, people have recognised us in the street, it’s a bit mental. We got asked by a cute couple at Euston station if we’d been on tele on saturday & that they were gutted we didn’t win and could they have a picture with us (which is absolutely bonkers). We asked them for a quid (JOKE!). We also didn’t get slated on twitter/facebook for being dicks, which was a surprise as we’d prepared for an onslaught after previous contestants got slaughtered. Most of the contestants did get a fair bit of harsh comments & hate tweets which was tough going for anyone. I’ll post soon a few of the comments that people tweeted about us just for giggles & your mild amusement.

So as I sat here this morning with scratchy eyes typing this blog post out, before we head into the office to get our shit together, I think & contemplate. All my hopes and dreams shattered & I’m a broken person, but to be fair it’s not as bad as I thought. Sure we didn’t win, but we didn’t lose anything either. We had an amazing opportunity that was given to us, we rolled with it, did crazy shit at the auditions, met a fantastic Endemol team (who by the way were top people with cool jobs), met Davina on & off set, had our make up & hair done by the best, stayed in London for the weekend, got drove around in blacked out cars. On a personal level we scared ourselves silly, dared to dream & put ourselves out there. We shared one of the most incredible life experiences together. Everyone should apply and just see what could happen….


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