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{Warning: This post is intended for parents only}

It’s not everyday you take a call from The Official Office Of The Tooth Fairy (TOOOTTF).

After a day like all others, over the hum of the printer, the snipping of ribbons, whilst busying to deadlines, the studio saw a sprinkle of magic, as the phone rang & we received a call from the tooth fairy’s office, asking us to commission something fitting to mark the very special occasion of a little person losing their first tooth (known to the TOOOTTF as baby teeth or deciduous teeth).

Memories for young children: loosing a first tooth

Something magical that mummies & daddies can leave in their little persons room on the night on the tooth fairy’s visit. A memory that your child can treasure. A keepsake to save long after the fairy has gone.

Since that rather exciting call the office has been a hub of creativity and proofing in meetings with the elves & fairies of TOOOTTF to decide on spec & final design.


A magical gift for children

A gift from godparents to child

Of course we didn’t get to meet the grand tooth fairy herself, no one does, but we met with many of her close aids within the office and are excited to launch the magic on our website today.

Toothfairy Kit

A magical tooth fairy kit perfect to give to parent (ideal as a gift from grandparents or godparents), to leave in child’s room on the toothfairys visit: who will then complete the tooth quality chart, leave her mini letter & money* in the envelope provided.

Kit includes: a personalised letter from the tooth fairy, a tooth quality chart card with glassine envelope for coin storage, an intriguing  fairy fact card, a miniature cork bottle of fairy dust and fairy charm all bundled together in a letterpress wrap housed in a letterpress box with the seal of the Official Office of the Toothfairy.

Toothfairy fairy kit childrens card

We’re so excited & can’t wait to spread the magic to little girls & boys loosing their first tooth this year.

Buy Official Office of The Toothfairy Kit £14.99 online here

(*for extremely shiny pearly’s only)


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Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 06.50.36

A letter to Lilly age 6.

Dear Lilly,

You are 6 today. If someone had asked me when you turned 5 if I could ever love you more, I probably would have said no, because I was quite certain I loved you past the top already…but you proved me wrong, because there is not a day that I don’t love you a bit more.

I am writing this letter to you, my little Lilly, because it is your 6th & special big girl birthday, but also, I am writing it for myself because you are growing so fast and I don’t want to forget a single thing.

Here’s what I love most about you right now:

  1. That smile of yours and that glimmer in your eyes. You are always so happy. And your happiness is contagious and   rubs off on people.

  2. You are our little Picasso. You live for drawing, colouring, craft projects. Your imagination is limitless! I usually find you drawing a picture on your own taking care with every great detail, shading, outlining, detail. If I let you, you would draw all day if you could!


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