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It’s an age old question that’s left Children all over the UK wondering Just how will Santa Claus get into their house this Christmas if they don’t have a chimney?

With only 39 days until christmas rumours are emerging. It’s been said by some that Santa Claus uses magic to make himself teleport from outside to inside for houses that don’t have a chimney. Some believe that he uses this magic to make his sleigh and reindeer shrink, so small that they can, if needed, fit through the letterbox or any other tiny opening.


Of the 7.9 million families with children in the UK (Office For National Statistics) you too may wondering…

Just how exactly Father Christmas will be able to get into your home to deliver your presents?

To find out we went straight to our source in the North Pole and got the inside scoop:

“Don’t believe everything you read.  Sure, Santa Claus uses magic get into homes without a chimney” said one Elf who wished to remain anonymous “But seriously are you kidding me – of course he doesn’t teleport or shrink himself”

“He gets in the same way that anyone else would. He uses a key. But not just any old key, a key that has been left out on Christmas Eve by a Child. Most importantly: A Child who believes. And it is that child’s belief that creates the magic within the key”


“A magic key hung on a door on Christmas Eve night is your sign to Santa that your household believes”

So, there you have it folks. The answer to the age old question ‘HOW DOES FATHER CHRISTMAS GET INTO A HOUSE WITHOUT A CHIMNEY?’

The answer is simple… with magic…a Child’s belief… and a little help from a key!

Be sure to leave your magic santa’s key on your door at night as a sign to Santa that your house believes.

Children's christmas card - Santa Claus magic key

Santa's key


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{Warning: This post is intended for parents only}

It’s not everyday you take a call from The Official Office Of The Tooth Fairy (TOOOTTF).

After a day like all others, over the hum of the printer, the snipping of ribbons, whilst busying to deadlines, the studio saw a sprinkle of magic, as the phone rang & we received a call from the tooth fairy’s office, asking us to commission something fitting to mark the very special occasion of a little person losing their first tooth (known to the TOOOTTF as baby teeth or deciduous teeth).

Memories for young children: loosing a first tooth

Something magical that mummies & daddies can leave in their little persons room on the night on the tooth fairy’s visit. A memory that your child can treasure. A keepsake to save long after the fairy has gone.

Since that rather exciting call the office has been a hub of creativity and proofing in meetings with the elves & fairies of TOOOTTF to decide on spec & final design.


A magical gift for children

A gift from godparents to child

Of course we didn’t get to meet the grand tooth fairy herself, no one does, but we met with many of her close aids within the office and are excited to launch the magic on our website today.

Toothfairy Kit

A magical tooth fairy kit perfect to give to parent (ideal as a gift from grandparents or godparents), to leave in child’s room on the toothfairys visit: who will then complete the tooth quality chart, leave her mini letter & money* in the envelope provided.

Kit includes: a personalised letter from the tooth fairy, a tooth quality chart card with glassine envelope for coin storage, an intriguing  fairy fact card, a miniature cork bottle of fairy dust and fairy charm all bundled together in a letterpress wrap housed in a letterpress box with the seal of the Official Office of the Toothfairy.

Toothfairy fairy kit childrens card

We’re so excited & can’t wait to spread the magic to little girls & boys loosing their first tooth this year.

Buy Official Office of The Toothfairy Kit £14.99 online here

(*for extremely shiny pearly’s only)

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This week me & Lilly made an alphabet wall art. Lilly is loving her abc’s at the moment and I’d searched the internet for some cool posters / wall art ideas to buy and frame but nothing quite grabbed us. So we got creative and made our very own abc alphabet wall art.

This is really easy project for any crafter at any level to do. You will need:

A Ribba IKEA deep frame

1 Piece of Square White Card

A pack of wooden alphabet letters (from any craft shop) which cost around £1.50

Paints assorted colours – we used 5 vibrant acrylic paints

Glue Gun

And it really is as simple as painting the alphabet letters. Let them dry. When dry layout on the card in your own pattern. You can have fun here choosing the correct letters with your little helper letting them choose the correct letter. Glue gun the back of each letter and stick. Frame. That’s it.

This will go in Lilly’s room alongside her other 2 wall art pieces (see blog post).

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The highlight of 2011 has to be the Royal Wedding. We watched the wedding at home with our little girl and had Pimms and an English picnic.

Yesterday, Hamley’s launched these Royal Wedding Dolls on sale in their stores.

I’m surprised that these Royal Wedding memorabilia dolls by British toy company, Arklu haven’t come sooner to the UK. I think in the fever during the run up to the Royal wedding, I may have gone a bit crazy and actually bought these. Now the Wedding is over and I have gained some composure, I think the hefty price tag may calm my desire. Available to buy from Hamleys as a pair for £99.95 or as single Princess Catherine doll for £49.95.

Dolls come complete with replica engagement ring, Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen dress, ‘something blue’ knickers and scary googly eyes.

Wills has a tailored uniform, a replica Garter sash and star, Royal Air Force wings and a Golden Jubilee medal.

I love these, what do you think? Tacky…Scary…Over priced? Or kitsch…cool…Christmas 2011 toy of the year?

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Our best-selling birthday invitation for Children’s birthday parties, ‘The Lollipop Kids’ is BACK!

We were so upset last month when we took the decision to remove the invitations from the website after our circle cutting tool konked out and the new one wasn’t going to be with us for a whole month!

We’re very pleased to announce that it’s here and alas, The Lollipop Kids children’s birthday invitations are back and available to order on the website.

We’re so sorry if you missed out on having the lollipop invite for your kiddywinkles birthday party, we truly are. We love nothing more than creating lovely invites for special occasions and it broke our hearts when we had to decline orders. Especially the order for ‘Princess Tabitha’ (as she likes to be called), who had created a mood board for her princess & sweeties themed party and really really wanted the Lollipop invitations for her 5th Birthday Party of all parties!

The Lollipop invitations are perfect as children’s party invitations (girls or boys), teenagers pamper parties & sweet 16th party invitations. Not just for children though… we have designed this range for adults birthday invites.

Available in a bubblegum pink or pale blue polka dot design (so perfect for little boys or girls birthday’s), with a choice of coordinating satin bow colours. Invitations are styled with your child’s name in a candy coloured funky type and personalised with your party information. Invitations come with vibrant colour envies & clear oval seals to stick.

If your throwing a party to remember for your little one’s, announce it in style with our pretty damn lovely invitations.

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Come on England World cup card

Come on England World cup card

We wouldn’t describe ourselves as massive football fans here at Made With Love, I follow Manchester City and Clare is an Oldham Athletic fan, she can sing some of the terrace chants if the need arises. Even with our limited football knowledge we can’t fail to get excited by one thing……The World Cup. It’s impossible not to be swept along in all of the build up and I must confess, I can’t wait.

It’s always a great feeling when the sun is shining, people are drinking merrily in the sun and cheering as one when England score. We’re going to be in London for the Englands first game and so being in our nations capital for the countries opening game is filling us with a bit of national pride, so much so we’ve designed a special Come on England card. We’ve kept it simple and focused on the St Georges Flag, based on our hugely popular Union Jack cards in the God Save the Queen collection from our greetings card range. This card will be available as a limited edition greeting card and also as part of our Father’s day card collection exclusively for this World Cup only

God save the queen

Union Jack themed God Save the Queen card

Perfect for a World Cup themed party invitation, Football Fathers day card or England themed Birthday Card.

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Kiddy Furniture

Just had to blog about this amazing find. Australian furniture designers, Little Nest who design children’s furniture in modern iconic styles of the 20th century.Beautiful mini versions for kids on the furniture design classics to compliment the modern home.

Recognise this… The Egg Chair Too cute! There isn’t a store yet in the UK but I’ll be there with bells on as soon as one opens up.

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