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It’s an age old question that’s left Children all over the UK wondering Just how will Santa Claus get into their house this Christmas if they don’t have a chimney?

With only 39 days until christmas rumours are emerging. It’s been said by some that Santa Claus uses magic to make himself teleport from outside to inside for houses that don’t have a chimney. Some believe that he uses this magic to make his sleigh and reindeer shrink, so small that they can, if needed, fit through the letterbox or any other tiny opening.


Of the 7.9 million families with children in the UK (Office For National Statistics) you too may wondering…

Just how exactly Father Christmas will be able to get into your home to deliver your presents?

To find out we went straight to our source in the North Pole and got the inside scoop:

“Don’t believe everything you read.  Sure, Santa Claus uses magic get into homes without a chimney” said one Elf who wished to remain anonymous “But seriously are you kidding me – of course he doesn’t teleport or shrink himself”

“He gets in the same way that anyone else would. He uses a key. But not just any old key, a key that has been left out on Christmas Eve by a Child. Most importantly: A Child who believes. And it is that child’s belief that creates the magic within the key”


“A magic key hung on a door on Christmas Eve night is your sign to Santa that your household believes”

So, there you have it folks. The answer to the age old question ‘HOW DOES FATHER CHRISTMAS GET INTO A HOUSE WITHOUT A CHIMNEY?’

The answer is simple… with magic…a Child’s belief… and a little help from a key!

Be sure to leave your magic santa’s key on your door at night as a sign to Santa that your house believes.

Children's christmas card - Santa Claus magic key

Santa's key


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Buy our Cards, Gifts & Furniture at Not On The High Street

We received some great news from our Not On The High Street account manager the other week. Which was cause for mid week celebrations (and a delicate head the next morning)

Champagne Celebrations at Made With Love

Our store on the notonthehighstreet website has been doing well & we recently reached their highest category ‘Enterprise’ for sales/turnover, meaning that we are one of their top partners. It’s nice to be recognised by the guys at notonthehighstreet as we love working with them & are inspired by what they have already achieved & absolutely can not wait to continue this journey with them.

We are thrilled to have been so busy too, selling our products on their beautiful website as well as our main website.

Cause for a mid week celebrations. We think so!

Thanks always for your support & general aceness

Happy Weekend

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On Wednesday, Simon & Clare headed down to London to the infamous Holborn Studio’s to loan one of their Union Jack chairs for an Olympic special cover shoot with Mark Ronson for The Live Magazine in The Mail on Sunday paper.

They set off at 4am in the morning to beat the traffic and when they arrived at the studio’s they were met by Dixie who showed them to the set.

Above: Simon & ‘the chair’

The corridors were filled with hundreds of classic pictures taken over the years of celebrities. From the Beatles to Take That, James Cordon to Margaret Thatcher. Some classics below:

David Bowie from the Alladin Sane album cover shot by Brian Duffy 1973

Winking Kate Moss by Tony Briggs

Another amazing Duffy print: John Lennon

Lot’s of studio’s are rented out daily to different photographers, magazines, newspapers etc. It’s easier to list the publications, photographers & celebrities who haven’t used these studios. Walking through the corridors, it seemed that everybody had been shot in these studios at some point. The set for our shoot was still being built but looked super cool. Lot’s of cool Britannia, Union Jacks & vintage paraphernalia ready to be styled.

Sadly Simon & Clare didn’t get to stay on set and see the man himself park his bottom on their chair. Mark’s agents had strict instructions for a closed shoot but we think the pictures will look something like this:

No real Mark Ronson’s were hurt during our photo shoot. Amazing photography & photoshopping by Kelly. Pah!

Keep your eyes peeled for the pictures in the special edition. Of course we’ll blog about these if our lovely chair gets it’s first celeb bum parked on it and shown in a National weekly! Oo-er cheeky….sorry!

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We’ve been gorging on sweeties in the Made With Love office this week. We’ve had 2 orders on the go using real sweets so there was an excuse for pots of sweeties everywhere. Having just finished on a sweetie wedding table names for our lovely client Charlotte (who got in touch with us 6 weeks ago to see whether we could help with her wedding in 6 weeks time… she’s managed to organise her whole wedding in just 6 weeks – it’s been madness but she’s done it & is getting wed this Sunday 22nd November 2009)
This is the finished result. Charlotte had originally ordered her stationery from the ‘Moderno’ Collection in a fuchsia pink colour scheme. When she told us that her table names were based on sweets we just couldn’t resist having a play around with the design. Such fun to be had… our creative juices were literally flowing. Upon design of her proofs we had a little bit of fun with the sweeteis version above just to see what she thought. Charlotte loved them and these little pretties will be sitting on her tables this Sunday.

And our gorgeous new lollipop birthday party invitations £3.50 have just been photographed and are very sweet indeed. I wanted to photograph these with grass and daisies but since we’ve been having such appalling weather will have to put this on hold until the summer. Our Lollipop invites are exclusive to Click to buy here

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Christmas is well & truly on it’s way. If your stuck for gift ideas do check out the new’s Christmas Gift Guide catalogue for inspiration. You can get a free copy here. This is their best ever catalogue & is filled to the brim with inspiration, gift ideas and gorgeous styling (all from small businesses that offer some of the most beautiful hard-to-find things that are most definitely not on the high street). I mentioned in a previous post that Made With Love (me) is featured in there with our Christmas Card collection ‘Christmas Holly’ (at the bottom).

Well here we are… & aren’t they pretty?

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1. 5. 8. & 10. Images from Segerius-Bruce Photography (Amazing photographers based in Surrey, UK. From a client wedding themed on ‘A London Love Affair’ – do check out their other themed weddings with some beautiful photography)
2. Union Jack Printed Wedding Breakfast Menu by
Made With Love
3. Union Jack Thank You Cards by Made With Love £4.95
4. Union Jack Wedding Invitations by
Made With Love £5.50
6. Union Jack Bunting by ZigZag Bunting on
7. Union Jack Luggage Tags £2.95
9. LuLu Guiness Union Jack Charm bracelet from
House of Fraser £75
11. Union Jack Wedding Place Cards
Made With Love £1.95

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OOh it’s exciting – The New’s Christmas Gift Guide catalogue has arrived at the office. Here they are unloading it off the truck.
If you’ve not already subscribed to their mailing list—you can do it on their website. To receive their catalogue filled to the brim with inspiration, gift ideas and gorgeous styling. (I have never yet been dissapointed by the images/styling in their catalogue) Plus Made With Loves Christmas Card range ‘Christmas Kisses’ is in there too. The first batch of catalogues go out today. I haven’t received a copy yet but when I do I shall most certainly scan it & blog. It’s my first ever catalogue entry so it’s quite a big deal.

Yippppeeee we’re practically famous!

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