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We’re updating the website with all of our Luxury wedding stationery collections and they are looking FINE.

We spent the last few weeks in the studio getting photography tip top and first up to show off is the stunning gold foil beauties our Gorgeous grey and gold wedding invitations. Printed on luxury grey card (300gsm) with luxury gold printing and written in stylish modern fonts. We love this collection and it’s been a hit already with lovely customers.

Grey wedding invitation

Cool, clean, crisp and super stylish. These grey invitations look amazeballs when styled with all grey stationery items to keep everything one shade of grey. Super swish having grey invitations with a different shade of grey. In a recent order for James & Stephen we designed their invitations in the marble grey card but with simple grey info cards & RSVP’s (printed with the gold lettering) still in keeping with their grey and gold theme but mixing it up a little with the differing shades. If you’re feeling brave the grey invitations look striking when they are contrasted with black envelopes. But I have to say it quite frankly knocks our socks off when paired with a hot pink gift card printed in metallic gold ( I do love a grey and pink pairing personally ).

Other card colours are available for your wedding invitations. Loads in fact (not just grey) which all look stunning with the gold printing. We’ve designed this collection so far in navy and gold, black and gold, pink & gold and marble and gold. All of which looked so stunning. There isn’t a card colour that the gold foil doesn’t work beautifully with. See our board colours here:

Card colours for gold printing


Not happy with just gold printing, we’re experimenting at the moment with white inks and copper printing which we’re very excited to show the results of in the coming weeks.

So here she is in all her grey and gold glory. the Grey & Gold Wedding Stationery Collection is here. Isn’t she pretty…? If you love her please feel free to share with friends we want to get this collection out to as many people as possible. She’s too pretty to not be seen.

Grey & gold invitations

Info cards and gift cards gold foil grey card

View the full grey wedding collection here


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Hooray, we finally opened office number 2: aptly numbered ‘2c’ The Photography Studio a few weeks back. It’s separate from our actual design studio and we are thrilled to have such an amazing space to photograph in.

We are now able to shoot products properly without having to set up scenes each time, which normally happens in the office around existing work, climbing over each other for space. Setting up & tidying up each time we had a batch of new products to shoot, which was almost weekly – & this wasn’t ideal.

We have rough & rustic concrete backdrops, glossy panelled walled backdrops,  lots of plain white wall space & surface space, as well as lighting so no matter what the weather, great shots every time.

The studio is still not finished according to plan but is functional and working. We’ll post proper pictures of the finished studio soon. As well as details on how you can use the studio for your own small business needs & cool product photography. Clare will also be writing tutorials on creating the ideal product photography shots for the novice, getting your whites white (even with artificial lighting) & how to make your products pop! Details of which will be coming soon.


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A Day in the life of US

We had a fun day a couple of weeks back when ace photographer Damian Brandon from ~DSB Creative came in to spend a day in the life of Made With Love.

A pro at work

We drank coffees & green teas whilst we worked away and he did his thing documenting a day in the life of Made With Love.

Damo Damian Brandon from DSB Creative

Damo’s work is brilliant. We’ve been fans of his since we saw his 9/11 images way back. He has since set up his own photography business offering alternative photography for weddings with an eye for the creative & imaginative, which has gone from strength to strength and deservedly so.

You’ll know straight away when you see his style. And the folks at The Wedding Community  awarded  one of Damo’s photographs as their Photo of the Year 2013 for this perfectly timed brilliance:

Photograph of the Year 2013

Take a look at his gallery here and if you love perusing blogs, Damo’s comes recommended.

A full post of ‘A day in the life of Made With Love’ up on the blog soon…



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Love colour…? You’ll love German born Elias Wessel’s photography.


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This week we’ve been working on our new party range of invitations & party stationery. Bright colours, themed invites, children’s invites – & it’s looking spectacularly good. Tim Walker’s photography is breathtakingly magical & matches our party moods beautifully. (Images from from Love. Obsess. Inspire an amazing blog filled with beautiful imagery)

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Everyone’s got a story. The ‘Fallen Princess’ Collection by Dina Goldstein made a real impact on me when I first saw it.

I have a Psychology degree and have been fascinated by people, the things they do & the reasons behind it.. I love to people watch and work out where the boundaries are between the façade & reality. I’ve got a knack of working people out.

When people get to know me, their usual reaction is ‘your not how I thought you’d be like’, those who really get to know me say they are inspired. But those who don’t really know me think I have lead the perfect & most happy life. I haven’t. It’s had some tough times. But I’m a very balanced, happy and successful person from it.

Here are a selection of my favourites. The title ‘Not so little red riding hood’ made me giggle.

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