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Hooray, we finally opened office number 2: aptly numbered ‘2c’ The Photography Studio a few weeks back. It’s separate from our actual design studio and we are thrilled to have such an amazing space to photograph in.

We are now able to shoot products properly without having to set up scenes each time, which normally happens in the office around existing work, climbing over each other for space. Setting up & tidying up each time we had a batch of new products to shoot, which was almost weekly – & this wasn’t ideal.

We have rough & rustic concrete backdrops, glossy panelled walled backdrops,  lots of plain white wall space & surface space, as well as lighting so no matter what the weather, great shots every time.

The studio is still not finished according to plan but is functional and working. We’ll post proper pictures of the finished studio soon. As well as details on how you can use the studio for your own small business needs & cool product photography. Clare will also be writing tutorials on creating the ideal product photography shots for the novice, getting your whites white (even with artificial lighting) & how to make your products pop! Details of which will be coming soon.


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{Warning: This post is intended for parents only}

It’s not everyday you take a call from The Official Office Of The Tooth Fairy (TOOOTTF).

After a day like all others, over the hum of the printer, the snipping of ribbons, whilst busying to deadlines, the studio saw a sprinkle of magic, as the phone rang & we received a call from the tooth fairy’s office, asking us to commission something fitting to mark the very special occasion of a little person losing their first tooth (known to the TOOOTTF as baby teeth or deciduous teeth).

Memories for young children: loosing a first tooth

Something magical that mummies & daddies can leave in their little persons room on the night on the tooth fairy’s visit. A memory that your child can treasure. A keepsake to save long after the fairy has gone.

Since that rather exciting call the office has been a hub of creativity and proofing in meetings with the elves & fairies of TOOOTTF to decide on spec & final design.


A magical gift for children

A gift from godparents to child

Of course we didn’t get to meet the grand tooth fairy herself, no one does, but we met with many of her close aids within the office and are excited to launch the magic on our website today.

Toothfairy Kit

A magical tooth fairy kit perfect to give to parent (ideal as a gift from grandparents or godparents), to leave in child’s room on the toothfairys visit: who will then complete the tooth quality chart, leave her mini letter & money* in the envelope provided.

Kit includes: a personalised letter from the tooth fairy, a tooth quality chart card with glassine envelope for coin storage, an intriguing  fairy fact card, a miniature cork bottle of fairy dust and fairy charm all bundled together in a letterpress wrap housed in a letterpress box with the seal of the Official Office of the Toothfairy.

Toothfairy fairy kit childrens card

We’re so excited & can’t wait to spread the magic to little girls & boys loosing their first tooth this year.

Buy Official Office of The Toothfairy Kit £14.99 online here

(*for extremely shiny pearly’s only)

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Yesterday was Part 1 and today it’s Part 2 of Damian Brandon’s ‘A day in a life of’ documenting series



madewithlove-12a(pp_w760_h527) madewithlove-14(pp_w760_h506) madewithlove-36(pp_w760_h506)

madewithlove-41(pp_w760_h506)madewithlove-42(pp_w760_h351) madewithlove-43(pp_w760_h506) madewithlove-44(pp_w760_h875) madewithlove-46(pp_w760_h580)  madewithlove-69(pp_w760_h567) madewithlove-72(pp_w760_h953)

madewithlove-10a(pp_w760_h1112) madewithlove-16(pp_w760_h506) madewithlove-30(pp_w760_h550) madewithlove-32(pp_w760_h702)madewithlove-74(pp_w760_h1140) madewithlove-79(pp_w760_h506)


madewithlove-80(pp_w760_h1055) madewithlove-89(pp_w760_h649)

All photographs by Damo from DSB Creative. See the full shoot on Damo’s blog here

What a fun day. We love you Damo ;- ) See you soon for coffees, teas & catch ups!

If you liked those view Part 1 here

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A few days ago we blogged about this and here are our favourite photographs taken by the brilliant Damo from DSB Creative. See the full shoot on Damo’s blog here

A Day in the life of US



Green Tea is better for you. For loosing weight, speeds up metabolism & more





madewithlove-12(pp_w760_h506)  madewithlove-13a(pp_w760_h566)






madewithlove-18(pp_w760_h350)  madewithlove-31(pp_w760_h506) madewithlove-34(pp_w760_h506)










See Part 2 here … ciao

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This week we worked on a press request for the fabulous Conde Nast Brides Magazine @Bridesmagazine for their upcoming pink story feature.

We love press days. Especially because this type of request is usually on a deadline and we just love the pressure! Especially when the No.1 Brides Magazine in the UK asks! And especially when it’s pink! We couldn’t say no really could we? …and why would we!

From concept to design, photography to packing here’s a typical press day in the studio:

The ribbons for the samples we shortlisted

Lovely Katie (above) working on the samples for Brides magazine

Above: the brief – Shades of pink Ombre style. Oooh yeh!

Pretty in pink (above) our final cut of ombre pink samples ready to shoot before packing for Brides magazine

Clare shooting the samples before they leave. Photography is a major part of any day – we probably photograph around 10 samples/pieces per day so we have a constant supply of fresh and inspiring images for Bridal magazines to use.

Fly my pretties fly. The finished samples on their way to Vogue House, London. And hopefully you will get to see some of the samples above in a future issue of Brides Magazine once the guys and gals have weaved their styling magic. Watch this space!

God we love our job.

Have an ace week y’all xox

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Things are always so much prettier when it’s sunny. When it’s rainy & dull, going into the old mill (where our studio is based) can very gloomy. It’s not the prettiest of spaces when it’s gloomy and we feel a spruce up is needed.

Our studio room itself is lovely and colourful. But the corridor on our floor needs a little help. It’s a long corridor and the entrance to our studio.

We’re thinking lot’s of grass to brighten the space: real grass window decals & artificial grass trims on window ledges; bright & zesty silk flower gerbera blooms & sunflowers, pretty butterfly window stickers, set off by cute picket fences painted white; few potted tree’s & plants…

I’ll post the finished results in the next couple of weeks. Tis going to be too cute!

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We’ve been in our new studio for 3 months and everything (almost) has it’s place. Made With Love is based in an old 19th Century Cotton Mill, Woodend Mill. And we’d like to share some pictures of our new home. (that’s our door at the very end)

What started as a love affair in finding ‘the one’ (see our blog post), to a full scale cleaning operation (see our blog post), followed by a little renovation/DIY project (see our blog post), has ended with a beautiful raw space which is our working studio.

With bare stone walls, large industrial windows, copper steel pillars paired with our silky ribbons, paper pretties & fancy furniture makes an interesting contrast and an inspiring place to work every single day.

We are very lucky to work in such beautiful building. There is nothing fancy about ‘our space’ – the mill is very raw, it’s served industries for years as shelter. But with a few finishing touches it is our lovely new home. Hopefully one where we can knuckle down and get on with making our business grow.

Simon’s Desk with his train ticket cushion to celebrate ‘no more commuting to work’!

Our good luck mascot. My DIY Deer head which I’ll blog about how to make soon.

Soooo much space for boxes, packing, boring stuff.

A separate space for furniture show space & wedding stationery showroom (which is one of the spaces which isn’t finished yet)

Our white board DIY weekly planner (I’ll blog about how to make this soon)

 still a few things which we need to finish but for now this is us. Everyday we feel lucky to work in such a cool space!

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