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It’s an age old question that’s left Children all over the UK wondering Just how will Santa Claus get into their house this Christmas if they don’t have a chimney?

With only 39 days until christmas rumours are emerging. It’s been said by some that Santa Claus uses magic to make himself teleport from outside to inside for houses that don’t have a chimney. Some believe that he uses this magic to make his sleigh and reindeer shrink, so small that they can, if needed, fit through the letterbox or any other tiny opening.


Of the 7.9 million families with children in the UK (Office For National Statistics) you too may wondering…

Just how exactly Father Christmas will be able to get into your home to deliver your presents?

To find out we went straight to our source in the North Pole and got the inside scoop:

“Don’t believe everything you read.  Sure, Santa Claus uses magic get into homes without a chimney” said one Elf who wished to remain anonymous “But seriously are you kidding me – of course he doesn’t teleport or shrink himself”

“He gets in the same way that anyone else would. He uses a key. But not just any old key, a key that has been left out on Christmas Eve by a Child. Most importantly: A Child who believes. And it is that child’s belief that creates the magic within the key”


“A magic key hung on a door on Christmas Eve night is your sign to Santa that your household believes”

So, there you have it folks. The answer to the age old question ‘HOW DOES FATHER CHRISTMAS GET INTO A HOUSE WITHOUT A CHIMNEY?’

The answer is simple… with magic…a Child’s belief… and a little help from a key!

Be sure to leave your magic santa’s key on your door at night as a sign to Santa that your house believes.

Children's christmas card - Santa Claus magic key

Santa's key


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Giving money as a gift idea

Personally I LOVE getting dosh for a present. Whether it’s Birthday’s or Christmas presents, cash is always the best gift.

I have a list of beautiful (translate: expensive) things on a Pinterest board that I’d have had to have been a REALLY good girl to get as a present. Cash is the perfect gift because I can add towards buying something really amazing that I’ve been saving up for or wanted for ages.

BUT when it comes to giving gifts, I’m never sure whether the receiver feels the same way as me at receiving money. Is it thought of as lazy, un-thoughtful? Like you couldn’t be arsed, or left it till last-minute so just stuffed some cash into a card. I couldn’t disagree more, giving money is the most thoughtful gift I can give to you. If I’ve not found anything after my excessive online window shopping that I think you would want. If there’s nothing good enough for me to part with my money, that’s good enough to give to you. If I’ve not got a clue what to get you even though I’ve been waiting for hints over the past months each time we meet up. If I think you’re worth more than a last minute dash to get you something from the toiletries isle on my supermarket big shop (talc, shower gel, body cream). I want my birthday (girl/boy) or Christmas giftee to be able to treat themselves to something that they’ve had their eye on for ages but held off buying because it may have felt too indulgent, excessive or whatever (a Clarins hand lotion, Dior lipstick, a Mulberry purse or to put towards their travelling fund to Bali).

Christmas present gift ideas for people who are hard to buy for

Christmas cash money card

If I give you money it’s because I want to spoil you. And it doesn’t have to be a lot of money, but with any amount of money gifted – it’s the thought that counts – far more than a Boots 3 for 2 that I’ve had in the cupboard since last years January sales.

And the thought is in the detail. If I give money as a present, it’s going to be given in a sweet little glassine minilope, on a beautiful card that’s environmentally responsible and packaged in a rustic little brown envie or box tied with jute. Because I have thought about you, I do care and I want you to treat yourself to something you’ve always wanted.

Don’t buy talc. Be thoughtful – give the gift of money for Christmas or Birthdays with our sweet little hashtag cards.


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It’s beginning to look { a little } like Christmas on our website!


Personalised Christmas cards handmade in the uk

Unique personalised christmas cards. Available to personalise.

The new Christmas shop is open with personalised cards, stylish Christmas gifts and unique Christmas baubles & decs for the tree. Ho Ho Hooray!

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Roll up roll up, our Christmas card department has gone live today on our website.

Vintage Christmas cards

Shop online here for something a little bit different this Christmas. Our new range of eco friendly christmas cards are made on 100% recycled brown card with recycled envelopes & bio-degradable cello wraps in cool silhouette prints & typography. Printed using our fab wax inks

Rustic recycled Christmas cards

Most cards can be ordered as a single card or available as packs.

Personalised Christmas Car

Visit the Xmas card collection here

With a very special magical children’s christmas card section underway and launching from next week. Stay tuned for updates.

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Our new Christmas card designs have FINALLY been added to the website today

There’s only 20 days to order Christmas cards so don’t delay and make sure you have lovely cards to delight friends & family!

Our new Christmas cards

Click to view our cute Rudolph the red nosed cards with a real Swarovski crystal dobber for his nose from £3.25. These cards are perfect for children’s Christmas cards, a babies first Christmas card, but not exclusively for children (adults love these too)

Cute Children's 1st Christmas Cards

Check out our lovely Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree cards available in 4 colours and frosted with Swarovski crystals from £4.00. Bootiful!

All Christmas cards are available to buy online. With standard wordings or personalise with your own message for a little extra.

We hope you love them!

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We’ve almost finished pur 2010 Christmas card range and are just putting the finishing touches to the Christmas card boutique on the greetings card website

Our most popular designs are available to buy on the website from today and we are working hard behind the scenes to get the new christmas lines added for our launch date on the 22nd October.

Hope you love the range as much as we do & remember to check back on the 22nd to view & buy the full range.

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