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We finished adding our pretty water colour social media buttons for the website. What do you think? Dashing aren’t they…

Social media buttons update

We’d love for you to say hi & follow us on any of our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest pages.


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It took ages to make all the teeny weeny thumbnails to include in the large background for the MWL Twitter page but it looks lush. A bit on the busy side but that’s rather like my mind at the minute. Do you like it?

We don’t fully understand quite yet how to use Twitter properly but have tweeted a little & plan to spend some time whilst in Ibiza this month with some Twitter beach reading & get acquainted with the in’s & out’s.

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We are having a revamp of the business a series of small changes to make a whole lot of difference. A good old sort out of time & space here at Made With Love and as part of those changes Social Networking & Social Sharing widgets are being implemented making it easier for customers to the site to share their finds on their preferred social networking site.

Time & time again, we have wonderful emails and comments for happy customers telling us how happy they are to have stumbled across our site & how much they love our stuff. We’re not all that easily found in cyberspace and so when people ‘find’ us, we want to make it easy for them to spread a little love.

The first in a series of small changes that we can tick off the list are:

– Set Up A Twitter Account and make daily relevant posts – DONE Why don’t you follow us?

– Apply Social Sharing Icons to the website for AddThis (applying code to all web pages to allow visitors to the site to tell their friends and post our lovely cards or stationery items of interest to their profiles). This is really effective and has already seen results.

Share This Icons

– Adding RBS WorldPay to the website as the main method for customers to pay for their orders online using their debit/credit cards. We currently only use PayPal which has it’s limitations. (ongoing)

– In the process of adding external links to the website in directories & listings (ongoing)

– Setting up a Facebook page (ongoing)

All really small tasks that are going to help in promoting our handmade lovelies to even more beautiful customers.

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