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On Wednesday, Simon & Clare headed down to London to the infamous Holborn Studio’s to loan one of their Union Jack chairs for an Olympic special cover shoot with Mark Ronson for The Live Magazine in The Mail on Sunday paper.

They set off at 4am in the morning to beat the traffic and when they arrived at the studio’s they were met by Dixie who showed them to the set.

Above: Simon & ‘the chair’

The corridors were filled with hundreds of classic pictures taken over the years of celebrities. From the Beatles to Take That, James Cordon to Margaret Thatcher. Some classics below:

David Bowie from the Alladin Sane album cover shot by Brian Duffy 1973

Winking Kate Moss by Tony Briggs

Another amazing Duffy print: John Lennon

Lot’s of studio’s are rented out daily to different photographers, magazines, newspapers etc. It’s easier to list the publications, photographers & celebrities who haven’t used these studios. Walking through the corridors, it seemed that everybody had been shot in these studios at some point. The set for our shoot was still being built but looked super cool. Lot’s of cool Britannia, Union Jacks & vintage paraphernalia ready to be styled.

Sadly Simon & Clare didn’t get to stay on set and see the man himself park his bottom on their chair. Mark’s agents had strict instructions for a closed shoot but we think the pictures will look something like this:

No real Mark Ronson’s were hurt during our photo shoot. Amazing photography & photoshopping by Kelly. Pah!

Keep your eyes peeled for the pictures in the special edition. Of course we’ll blog about these if our lovely chair gets it’s first celeb bum parked on it and shown in a National weekly! Oo-er cheeky….sorry!


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We love our Queen. Vogue followed the Queen on one years progression through the colour spectrum. She’s a snappy dresser alright and her most worn colour is blue. Read the full article in The Daily Mail here

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This week me & Lilly made an alphabet wall art. Lilly is loving her abc’s at the moment and I’d searched the internet for some cool posters / wall art ideas to buy and frame but nothing quite grabbed us. So we got creative and made our very own abc alphabet wall art.

This is really easy project for any crafter at any level to do. You will need:

A Ribba IKEA deep frame

1 Piece of Square White Card

A pack of wooden alphabet letters (from any craft shop) which cost around £1.50

Paints assorted colours – we used 5 vibrant acrylic paints

Glue Gun

And it really is as simple as painting the alphabet letters. Let them dry. When dry layout on the card in your own pattern. You can have fun here choosing the correct letters with your little helper letting them choose the correct letter. Glue gun the back of each letter and stick. Frame. That’s it.

This will go in Lilly’s room alongside her other 2 wall art pieces (see blog post).

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This week we worked on a press request for the fabulous Conde Nast Brides Magazine @Bridesmagazine for their upcoming pink story feature.

We love press days. Especially because this type of request is usually on a deadline and we just love the pressure! Especially when the No.1 Brides Magazine in the UK asks! And especially when it’s pink! We couldn’t say no really could we? …and why would we!

From concept to design, photography to packing here’s a typical press day in the studio:

The ribbons for the samples we shortlisted

Lovely Katie (above) working on the samples for Brides magazine

Above: the brief – Shades of pink Ombre style. Oooh yeh!

Pretty in pink (above) our final cut of ombre pink samples ready to shoot before packing for Brides magazine

Clare shooting the samples before they leave. Photography is a major part of any day – we probably photograph around 10 samples/pieces per day so we have a constant supply of fresh and inspiring images for Bridal magazines to use.

Fly my pretties fly. The finished samples on their way to Vogue House, London. And hopefully you will get to see some of the samples above in a future issue of Brides Magazine once the guys and gals have weaved their styling magic. Watch this space!

God we love our job.

Have an ace week y’all xox

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