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A few days ago we blogged about this and here are our favourite photographs taken by the brilliant Damo from DSB Creative. See the full shoot on Damo’s blog here

A Day in the life of US



Green Tea is better for you. For loosing weight, speeds up metabolism & more





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See Part 2 here … ciao


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A big clean up operation over the Xmas holidays was imminent. The office & studio was a huge tip after the BUSY Christmas rush, we were literally walking over stuff. And we have floors, lovely wooden floors!

A tidy desk = a tidy mind. Especially when you have a creative mind which is already rather messy. Having a messy office feels like my brain cannot compute (if that makes any sense at all). Lot’s of tidy space to play with new ideas & designs.

First Day back in work.Tidy desk tidy mind

Fairy lights keep things twinkling and cosy.

A new years resolution of mine: To keep flowers on my desk, kept in a pretty gold and glass vase.

Cream roses in a gold & glass vase

And a brand new diary for all of those lovely lists. Lists for my lists kept in an Italian leather gold diary from Zara

Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 06.06.40

Ahhh don’t you just love a new year? A fresh page a tidy space.

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See Part 1 of our New Studio renovation here.

We had initially planned to quickly tile the office area with hot pink vinyl floor tiles but after lifting the existing carpet tiles, parts of the floor ripped up which had to be filled before any tiling work could start. But…. underneath revealed wood!

Real wood, which cleaned up would look really cool. So, we decided on a whim to rip the whole of the flooring up. A really dirty hard job which Jeff mainly did (with some girl help from me). We owe Jeff a massive thank you for all the work he’s done over the last week but an especially big thank you for revealing the floor and making a massive obstacle a minor detour.

The larger floor surface was filled with holes which needed filling.

The floor isn’t smooth but with a lick of floor paint and lot’s of cow hide rugs will work fine.

Curtains hide our imperfect wall, saved a load of hassle painting and add warmth to our office area.

Things are starting to take shape. New furniture is in place and lot’s of finishing touches still to be done.

Next Post: A girl’s touch, frilly bits & hot pink steel.

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It’s been a few weeks since we got the keys for our new studio at Woodend Mill Artist Studio’s in Mossley. Since then we’ve worked every spare hour cleaning, lifting flooring, working on electrics and getting very messy making this blank mill space ‘our space’. Whilst keeping a fully booked and very busy MWL running.

We had spent a couple of months looking for new space to move into as Made With Love had outgrown our home studio too long ago, and with new staff starting, we had no more space to grow into. So the search had started.

Like house hunting, you know when you’ve found the one. Somewhere that makes you feel right the minute you step into it. The space we’re moving into was actually a large empty shell. Disused for years. A former artists studio with paint drips down a wall, no sockets, no lights, damp floors, and rotting windows. It was freezing. But the space was huge and the potential was massive.  

So after months of looking, the search was over & we had found ‘our space’

And so the dirty work began – cleaning/clearing out….

And after a weekend of cleaning….

Next post: Jeffrey’s week of wonder: A floor gets ripped up | Concrete mixers | Electrics, wires & plugs | Man work grrrr! Click here to see the results

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I’ve been putting together a list of furniture pieces we will need to buy for our new studio. Obviously nearly all from IKEA. I haven’t found a better place for most office equipment/furniture that matches on price and ingenuity.

This is rough floor plan. It’s to scale in my mind (no measurements – c’mon I am a girl) but this is how I want the spaces to pan out. A place for photography (instead of having to get the tripod & camera set up each time we shoot). A gallery for our stationery frames for when clients pop by. A furniture gallery to showcase new styles. A sitting area for chilling out & for when Lilly comes to the office (probably on Fridays which is our quiet day)

The pink space is pink vinyl floor tiles! All other furniture on the plan is coming with us from our current work room (all mainly white).

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